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I used the incorrect banking details!

If you used the incorrect banking details, your transactions will only reflect in 2 days. In order to resolve this we’ll need you to fill out a support ticket and send us a proof of payment directly from within your bank account to our email address.

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Does PowerPrepaid add any fees?

PowerPrepaid does not add any fees onto a purchase.

Reasons for delays
  • Your purchase was below the minimum transaction value, our support team will notify you via email of this delay and possible solutions.
  • Your purchase was above the maximum transaction value, our support team will split your transaction and resolve the problem without the need for you to fill in a ticket.
  • Can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately the service providers are incredibly strict, and do not offer a refund policy, please be 100% certain when purchasing.

    How often can I purchase?

    PowerPrepaid’s systems run 24/7 and you can make as many purchases as required. But please keep in mind that each purchase within a 24-hour window needs to be of a different rand value, else it will cause your transaction to fail. If this occurs you’ll need to submit a support ticket to notify us that you never received your tokens.

    Can I use decimal amounts in my payment?

    Please do not make odd EFT payments. Any transaction with a decimal will fail. Please stick to rounded numbers e.g. R500, R750, R1000 and R1500.

    Which banks does PowerPrepaid support?
  • FNB
  • ABSA
  • StandardBank
  • Nedbank
  • Capitec (Proof of payment required.)
  • Investec (Proof of payment required.)
  • What are the maximum transaction limits?
    • MTN: Min – R20,00 Max – R2.000,00
    • VODACOM: Min – R5,00 Max – R4.000,00
    • TELKOM MOBILE: Min – R2,00 Max – R2.000,00

    Make an EFT
  • Once you have setup your beneficiary reference within your internet banking all you need to do is make an EFT.
  • The next time you need electricity, just make another EFT, no extra setup is required.
  • Why are there delays with Capitec and Investec?
  • These two banks do not provide PowerPrepaid with the ability to receive notifications when a payment is received; we therefore require a proof of payment sent directly from within your bank account.
  • Setup an automated proof of payment to be sent each time you make a payment.
  • Why is the Beneficiary Reference important?
  • This is the only way we’ll know that you have made a payment.
  • It clearly identifies who you are and for which recharge number you are purchasing.
  • How do I create a beneficiary within Internet banking?
  • Login to your Internet banking. Click on recipients/beneficiary and select add new recipient/beneficiary.
  • At this point you need to ensure you have selected OUR correct banking details from within your ClientZone.
  • Add these details and that’s it. You’ll never have to do it again.
  • Why do I need to register?

    Registration is required in order to confirm your meter or recharge number and in case we need to get hold of you if something happens to your purchase.

    How do I register?

    On the home page click the “Register Now” banner and provide the required information.

    Submitting your information

    Ensure that you submit all required information, we require this information in order to resolve your problem in a timely manner. Before submitting the form, please ensure that your details are 100% correct.

    Support Hours

    Our support team is there to assist you when something goes wrong. They on call from 8am to 10pm seven days a week

    I used the incorrect beneficiary reference!

    If you have registered multiple recharge numbers, please make sure you use the correct “Beneficiary Reference” for the relevant recharge number. Please login to your bank account and update the beneficiary reference to reflect the one we provide within your ClientZone.

    How do I obtain my airtime and data bundles?

    Directly onto the SIM card, there’s no need for you to convert voucher numbers.