How to buy prepaid electricity online when you bank with Capitec Bank

How to buy electricity when you bank with Capitec

We understand that every bank in our country has its own procedures in place to guide their clients when adding new beneficiaries to an online banking account. With this in mind, we try to help all of our clients when it comes to adding us as a beneficiary so that they can pay for their prepaid electricity online. Should you be banking with Capitec, you can now pay for your prepaid power by using adding us to your online banking profile.

You can simplify the process of buying your electricity when you choose to buy your power online. This means you won’t be left in the dark when the power runs out and you also won’t have to worry about making an emergency trip to the shops at the most inconvenient hour. You can log into your bank’s website or connect via your banking app, to access your account and then buy prepaid electricity directly from us. This simple method of buying power means that you will never again be without energy.

You will need to register as a buyer on our website before you are able to purchase your prepaid electricity from PowerPrepaid. When you are looking to buy your Eskom power online, this is the fastest way to get your power token. Once the payment has been processed, you will be emailed the token to recharge the prepaid meter. You can then enter the token number into your meter.

When paying for your electricity using this method, your payments will be safely made. Capitec’s website will keep your information secure and there is no possibility of your token going missing as it is emailed directly to you.

So let us make your life that little bit easier by giving you the opportunity to buy your electricity online.

Buy Prepaid Electricity Now

This is how to add PowerPrepaid when you bank with Capitec:

  1. Log in to create your own prepaid beneficiaries.
  2. Add beneficiary who has a Capitec account.
  3. Select the account type for the prepaid beneficiary (Powertime current account) from the drop-down
  4. Add the branch code.
  5. Account number: 4094060933 (Use our ABSA bank account if you’re with Capitec)
  6. Then enter the PowerPrepaid reference e.g. **********E001
  7. You are required to complete any other required information. Once you have completed this, click on the ‘Add beneficiary’ button.
  8. OTPs authorisation may be required to confirm the addition of this beneficiary.
  9. Pay the newly created PowerPrepaid beneficiary to receive your token.