How to buy prepaid electricity online when you bank with Nedbank

How to buy electricity when you bank with Nedbank

We know that each bank has its own processes that their clients have to follow when it comes to adding a new beneficiary to an online banking portfolio. We have therefore helped to simplify the process of paying for your prepaid electricity, by including a number of the biggest banks. If you bank with Nedbank, you can now add us as a beneficiary and make payments for your prepaid electricity as well as your airtime.
When you buy prepaid electricity online, you can instantly make your life that little bit easier. No more trips to the shops when you run out of prepaid power or when you need airtime. Prepaid electricity can be bought via your bank’s website or via your banking app once you have added us as a beneficiary. Needing electricity can be a matter of urgency when you run out of power, but when you can buy prepaid electricity online you will never be without power. Recharge in 3 simple steps
Once you have added us as a beneficiary, after you have registered on our website, you can immediately start buying your Eskom power online. Once a payment has been processed you will almost immediately receive an email with your token number. This number can then be entered into your prepaid meter and your power will be restored.
This method of making payments is completely secure. Your safety is important and since you are using your bank’s secure online systems, you can be sure that the payments you make are safely transferred to PowerPrepaid.

Let us make your life a little bit easier by adding us as a payment beneficiary so that you can buy prepaid electricity.

This is how to add PowerPrepaid when you bank with Nedbank:
1. Log in to create your own prepaid beneficiaries.
2. Add beneficiary who has a Nedbank or Nedbank Private Wealth account
3. Select the account type for the prepaid beneficiary (Powertime current account) from the drop-down list.
4. Account number: 1164221191
5. Then enter the PowerPrepaid reference e.g. **********E001
6. You are required to complete all the input fields on the screen. Once you have completed this, click on the ‘Add beneficiary’ button.
7. OTPs authorisation may be required
8. Pay the newly created PowerPrepaid beneficiary to receive your token