How to buy prepaid electricity online when you bank with ABSA

 To make things easier for our customers, we have given you the option of paying us online via your bank. Every bank has its own processes that you will need to follow in order to add PowerPrepaid as a beneficiary. We have included South Africa’s top banks, allowing you to simply add us to your beneficiary list and start buying your prepaid electricity online. We cater to customers located all throughout South Africa, so no matter where you are living, you can add us and buy prepaid electricity any time you need it.

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Once you have run out of electricity, you can buy your prepaid power from PowerPrepaid. The power provided will come from Eskom, and we will provide you with the token that will be needed to top up your meter. We have made it easier than ever before for customers to buy prepaid electricity and once you have added us as a beneficiary, you will be able to pay for your electricity using either ABSA’s website or their mobile app.

Regardless of the online option that you would prefer to make your payments from, you will be making a secure payment. Once the payment goes through (payments can take a few seconds to be processed), you will receive your electricity token which will be used to recharge your meter. This method is not only easy to use but it is also designed to help you save time.

When you have added PowerPrepaid as a beneficiary, you will not only be able to buy prepaid electricity online, you will also be able to buy airtime and data from either Vodacom or Telekom. Take away the stress of buying prepaid electricity by adding PowerPrepaid as one of your ABSA banking beneficiaries.

Step by Step Guide how to add PowerPraid when you bank with ABSA:

  1. Log in and go to my beneficiaries – new and existing
  2. Here you can add, pay and manage beneficiaries
  3. Click add beneficiary
  4. Beneficiary: Powertime
  5. ABSA current account: 4094060933
  6. Add PowerPrepaid reference given to you e.g. *********E001
  7. Add your own reference e.g. Prepaid electricity
  8. Click to add
  9. Pay new beneficiary to buy and receive token

Click here to buy electricity now