Recently our house was converted to a prepaid electricity meter and I entered the world of buying prepaid electricity online. I discovered it’s a competitive market and so I had to establish what I wanted and needed from an online provider.

1. Easy sign up process
2. The safest, secure payment option
3. Quick return of token
It came down to 2 suppliers chosen due to their longevity, “googleness” and most importantly it seems they were the pioneers in South Africa. – the green light bulb
3 easy steps to buy. When I registered I entered my meter number and there was immediate verification of my address which made me feel confident they knew who I was and what I needed.

I had just completed the registration process when a PowerPrepaid support agent phoned me to ask if they could stay assist me until I received my token! The option of having a support agent on standby to assist via live chat also was available.
Once I registered the site automatically took me into the Client Zone where I could I indicated my bank and they responded with banking details and the reference to add to my banking profile. The advantages are they only use an EFT system which reassured me that they only use the safest online banking method.

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With the support agent still holding I made my EFT for R400 and before I had even logged out of my online banking they informed me the token had been sent to my email but if I wanted to input the token directly into my meter they could read it to me as I put it into the meter!
Voila in less than 5 minutes I was powered up.

They then explained to me that I could log into the PowerPrepaid client Zone any time to track my meters, purchases – a handy tool in keeping track of household expenses. And then I discovered they sell airtime and data too.